THINK BEFORE YOU INK (PART II) ! Should you get the tattoo?


Ask yourself whether your tattoo idea is a spontaneous thought. Is it potentially just a current phase you are in? Or will it be something you will like in years and years down the track? Never make an impulse decision to get something as permanent as a tattoo. It is p e r m a n e n t after all. And yes, laser is an option but that should never be on your mind when going in for a new tattoo.

Remember to think before you ink!

Ask yourself whether you are getting it for a specific reason. Ok, I do understand that not that every single tattoo needs to have a super deep meaning; such as the name of your absolutely favorite pet, that might have passed away or your siblings initials who live on the other side of the world who you miss and love so much.. etc. We get it – especially if you have a fair few tattoos already, a reason for a new tattoo might not be as well planned out as someone who is a fresh canvas in the field of tattoos. You should consider, especially if it is one of your first pieces, to have a reasonable explanation for yourself.

Have you been traveling a special place or experienced a life-changing event that will be meaningful for you for the rest of your life? Ask yourself whether you are wanting to get it because all your friends want to get it, or because it is popular on social media. Is it just a current favorite song? A current Netflix movie quote, you can relate to? Could you possibly not love it as much in years down the road? Be honest with yourself, how long you have been thinking about it? Think about it for a good few months and if you still want it afterwards, get it! This will show you if you have a strong reason for the tattoo.

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*(Tattoo shown above done by Primitive’s artist Travis)

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