The Mandala symbol is a staple of the Indian culture. You’ll find it painted across just about every temple, inner ceilings, textiles and walls across the country. Petra’s inspiration for the Mandala probably stems from her admiration of the Indian culture. That’s why it is amongst her favorite tattoos and one she recommends to clients looking for tattoos that are inspiring, mesmerizing, and breathing.

What Does the Mandala Mean?

In Sanskrit (ancient Indian language), it means circle. It is a spiritual and a ritualistic symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. The circular designs symbolize a never-ending life, but one that’s connected to everything else.

The mandala is also the symbol of a spiritual journey for each person. It represents each person’s journey to find their own place in the universe. There are many variations of the symbol, the most common of which is a circle enclosed in a square within which there is a deity on each side. The Mandala is often used for yoga and meditation.
Why Do People choose to Tattoo Mandalas?

According to Petra, Mandalas aren’t just used for meditation and yoga but also to remove disturbing thoughts. It is said to unleash creativity and allow the mind to run free. People often look at a mandala to center their mind and body. Perhaps that’s why Petra has a mandala tattoo of her own!

Colorful Mandalas

Colored mandalas are used as a healing tool and are often associated with reducing stress, anxiety, and elevating symptoms of depression. It is also said to improve the immune system. However, getting a colored mandala tattooed on your body, will express your creative side something that many people aren’t able to do in their daily lives.

Petra can help you choose from an excellent selection of colors regardless of if your goal is healing or aesthetics. That being said, every color has a specific purpose. For instance, red is used for passion and energy; pink is for intuition and love, blue for healing and meditation. So, depending on the purpose you can choose a color and benefit from not just its aesthetic appeal but also the fact that it’s helping your body heal itself.


If you are considering a Mandala tattoo, Petra is the authority around here, and it is worth consulting with her. However, if you already have a design and color in mind Petra can help bring that to life on your skin too.


*(Tattoo shown above done by Primitive’s artist Travis)

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