THINK BEFORE YOU INK ! Choose the right size and location for your tattoo!



We get a fair few people coming into Primitive Tattoo, with just little knowledge about tattoos, asking for unachievable designs/sizes for tattoos. We then are happy to make it our responsibility and educate them in this regard.

Before deciding what design to place where, keep in mind the following ratio: ‘The more realistic/detailed the design is, the bigger the overall size of the tattoo and with it the area you want to get it tattooed, has to be’. Therefore a realistic animal tattoo WILL NOT fit nicely on your finger. And yes, we are aware that Cara Delevingne has a wicked lion tattooed on her knuckle, but it would not be something a tattoo artist would ever recommend you to get, as the area is simply too small and will not keep the ink nice and crisp for a very long amount of time.

We see it as our responsibility to help you choose the right size and location, for any tattoo you are thinking of getting done. This will help you have a fine piece of art, not only for the time you walk out of the shop, but also in ten or twenty years down the track.

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*(Tattoo shown above done by Primitive’s artist BOBBI)

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