The majority of people will agree that body ink looks its best when limited to gray, black, and a couple of other neutral colors. That said there is a new tattoo trend that has begun to change that concept, currently hugely popular in South Korea and Japan, watercolor tattoos are extremely vibrant and beautiful. Plus, you don’t have to saturate the skin with hyper-color.

The tattooing technique mainly mimics a method similar to watercolor painting with color that rarely bleeds across the line. Not to mention that these often feminine designs benefit from a fine outline something that women particularly like.

Why Water Color Tattoos?

Many women are choosing watercolor tattoos primarily because it is something different and more vibrant. Want to spice up your simple line tattoo? Well you can add blue, pale mix or some blue. It is also a great way to rock something that’s only noticeable to people who look very closely, like a design using faint body paint.

The possible downside to theses watercolor tattoos is the occasional thought that they don’t last very long, and because of that, they require extra shading compared to regular linework design. Even then the color may fade quickly. So, she suggests keeping the colors more vibrant. Plus, use sunscreen and lotion daily, because it increases the longevity of the tattoo.

Should You Get a Water Color Tattoo?

Well, it depends! If you are a woman who wants a tattoo that’s delicate, fresh and looks cool, then watercolors will certainly work for you. Not to mention that many of the latest designs are very aesthetic and tattoo artists are coming up with new stuff every day.

Watercolor tattoos also look very different and instantly stand out when compared to regular tattoos. The only thing you’ll want to do is to take care of your tattoo. Artists suggest that unlike a regular tattoo, your skincare regime matters a great deal with a watercolor tattoo. However, many if not all women take good care of their skin, so the fine lines and delicate water coloring shouldn’t fade all that soon. Some clients have had these tattoos for years, and they look just as good as they did when they were first made. So, don’t let the longevity of the tattoo stand in your way of getting one.


*(Tattoo shown above done by Primitive’s artist Travis)

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