‘Stick ‘n’ Poke’ or Hand Poke is a non-electrical method of tattooing. Experts like Montaine only use a needle and ink to craft breathtaking tattoos. It is interestingly a method that has been in use for thousands of years.

Even though the technique has been called controversial since it is hard to regulate, the resulting art is distinctively stunning when done by a pro. Experts like Montaine consider it a return of an art form to its roots, the way it was always meant to be.

Why Hand Poke Tattooing is So Special?

Well for starters they look beautiful, some would argue more than conventional tattoos using a machine. Using this technique allows a tattoo artist to use different styles. Though the most appealing thing about them is their more organic look.

Hand Poke Tattoos Hurt Don’t Hurt As Much

People who have gotten hand poke tattoos and those that prefer it over a machine will tell you that it does not hurt as much. It is less invasive, and so the healing is much quicker. The level of paint will mainly depend on which area is being tattooed, everyone who has gotten a tattoo knows that some areas hurt more than others.

The other important point to consider is that experts like Montaine can take hours to tattoo a particular image or design. So, if a tattoo is huge, the job is split into sessions to make it pleasurable to both parties.

A Great Method for Certain Designs

The hand poke method is also suited for inside dotwork of mandalas and geometric shapes. Since the technique works a lot like an old dot-matrix printer, i.e. dot work patterns with no definite outline look the best. Using the hand poke technique requires a great deal of effort on behalf of the artist as every dot is a part of the design. The more complex that design is, the more precise those dots need to be.

Works on All Skin Types

Another thing about hand poke tattoos is that regardless of your skin type, the results are great. The only thing you need be careful of and Montaine takes all the precautionary measures to prevent is keloid scarring.
While Montaine does use different colours, she is in favour of monochromatic art. So, expect mostly just blacks and shades of gray. That said if colors are your thing a machine would do a much better job.


*(Tattoo shown above done by Primitive’s artist Travis)

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