COLOUR TATTOOS – at Primitive Tattoo in Perth

COLOUR / WATERCOLOUR TATTOOS in Perth – at Primitive Tattoo

Our artist GEORGINA MAY is our go-to girl for anything that holds colour. She is a big fan of watercolour tattoos and super easy to work with so that you can get your amazing ideas transformed onto your skin as a unique and beautiful tattoo.

Watercolour tattoos are a rather new thing on today’s tattoo market and are executed with the look of watercolor drops/splashes throughout a tattoo design. This can enhance the look of a tattoo enormously and it creates a very lively and distinct look. Some people love them, some don’r. – We will let you decide for yourself.

If you wish to see Georgina May for YOUR TATTOO idea, send her an email to:



IMG_3725 colourful cartoon stitch georgina feather watercolor georgina roses realisitc colour tattoo georgina

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