Mandala, Paisley, Geometric – Tattoo Specialist in Perth

Linework and Dotwork transforming into high class Mandala, Paisley and Geometric Tattoos – by PETRA at Primitive Tattoo

Our lovely Petra is from Italy and will approach you most likely dressed in black with her big, black hair tied up. She has been at Primitive Tattoo for over 4 years.

She started with line work and quickly began to grow her style to do beautiful Mandala line work tattoos for her clients. She works amazingly fast, which means little discomfort – you will be impressed. She has not only mastered Mandala Designs but evolved to an even harder tattoo style – Geometric Tattooing. Her clients come from all over the country to see her for Mandala, Paisley, Geometric – Tattoos.

If you wish to see her for YOUR TATTOO idea, send her an email to:

stag geometric wolf geometric realistic forearm petra primitive tattoo lotus sternum petra lotus dotwork petra paisley mandala petra STERNUM GEOMETRIC PIECE TATTOO

geo back petra watercolour geometrics petra tattoo lotus mandala back petra primitive tattoo

Appointments enquiries open:

Appointment enquiries:
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