Finding the Best Realistic Tattoos in Perth – Primitive Tattoo presents LIAM

Black and Grey Realistic Tattoos: Portraits, faces, animals and objects – ask for Liam !

We have recently had several clients come in to see us, wanting to get a very realistic piece, saying that they’ve been having trouble finding someone who is focused on extreme detail here in Perth, a very good realistic tattoo artist. They came to us and finally found what they were looking for.

Finding a great realism artist can be a mission, I totally agree and I would always suggest to take your time and do your research. Not only are there many artists saying they do realism (but they don’t) but then there are also different approaches to this unique style. Have a look at portfolios, speak to the artists, show them what you are after and see how you ‘connect’.

If you come in to see us for anything such as the images below, ask for Liam and he will take good care of you. #realistictattoo

ocean sleeve tattoo realism liam primitive tattoo owl realism sternum portrait best tattoo perth realism liam VAN REALISM best tattoo perth primtive tattoo IMG_7139 IMG_9268



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