Japanese Tattoo in Perth

Japanese Tattoo in Perth – In Progress second session a Traditional full back piece of an Japanese Old School Kintaro fighting a Koi.

With over 20 years of experience in creating the Japanese tattoo styles, Marc has the know how, experience and talent to make your piece, unique and absolutely incredible.

Marc not only creates extraordinary body art pieces for you, but he also makes your tattoo and experience, a memory that will last you for a lifetime!

Appointments enquiries open: marc@primitivetattoo.com

Here at Primitive Tattoo we do every tattoo style, when it comes to the Japanese tattoo style, we create but are not limited to the following: Japanese dragon, koi, samurai, geisha, phoenix, cherry blossom tattoos and more. For best results Marc is a specialists in this field of work.

Appointment enquiries:

Marc Pinto
Primitive Tattoo
126 Barrack St, Perth

Looking for a Japanese Tattoo Artist in Perth? Come see Marc Pinto at Primitive Tattoo in Perth.