In the past branding has been done to mainly prove ownership or as a punishment. Slaves were often branded as the property of a family or a business. The ancient Romans for instance branded slaves who tried to run away with the letters FVG, which meant fugitive. Also, criminals throughout the centuries were branded for their various crimes.

Branding has also been used by many cultures as a right of passage. The markings were used to signify a person’s status or connection with a group either political, religious, or social. Body branding is also used in some cultures for mainly spiritual purposes as pain is seen as a way of entering a heightened state of awareness.

The Modern Practice of Body Branding and Scarification

Today people are using body branding as a way to decorate their body similar to how tattoos are used. Generally, there are four different techniques used for body branding and scarification:

  • Striking: The technique uses small strips of heated stainless steel which are placed on the skin with the intention of branding a design.
  • Electrocautery: The technique uses surgical-grade cauterizing equipment which is then heated to around 2k °F or 1,093°C, which when placed on the skin causes instant third-degree burns.
  • Electrosurgery: Now this method is a lot like electrocautery but uses medical-grade equipment along with electricity to create the intended design.
  • Moxibustion: This technique marks the skin using incense. Many people don’t prefer this because of the prolonged pain associated with it.

The Use of Striking for Body Branding

While striking is the most common body branding method, electro cautery is the best and most professional method of branding. Unlike a tattoo it isn’t easily removed with laser surgery. Body branding is permanent.

While it sounds easy, enough body branding shouldn’t be considered a DIY process. It is painful and should only be attempted by a seasoned professional. Not to mention that everything has to be Sanitised and sterilised.



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