Marc Pinto

Tattoo Specialties: Large Japanese designs. Full back, arms and leg sleeves, Tebori Japanese hand tattooing, Freehand Polynesian tribal sleeves,  authentic Borneo Tribal designs and more

Entrepreneur, social advocate, and internationally renowned tattoo artist, with over 26 years in the industry, earning multiples accreditations in tattooing and piercing, most notably Traditional Hand (Tebori) Japanese Tattooing, which attracts enthusiasts far and wide to come to Perth for his time.  

He’s highly sought after, particularly for his Japanese designs, such as Buddha, Dragons, Koi, Hanya, Samurai, Japanese flowers, and full back and full body work, and his Polynesian-inspired 100% freehand work can be found featured and written about in a number of international tattoo magazines.

Inspired by his late grandfather’s stories from North Borneo, about living with the Dayaks and their traditional hand tattooing techniques, Marc got his first tattoo at 15, and has since travelled extensively in Borneo, and around the world, on research field trips and personal expeditions to learn more about life and art and culture.

Devoting much of his time toward social projects around South East Asia, and dividing his time between different companies and countries, inquiries need to be made well in advance for this master artist and tattoo icon.

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