Chiara & Pia

Most likely you will see one of our lovely faces first, when coming into the shop.  We are here to help you to make a booking.

We are enjoying the Tattoo Shop atmosphere. Why? Four reasons:

Tattoos are beautiful. I love the look of incredible creative artwork on people’s bodies. Everyday, I get to see our artists transform the sometimes vague ideas people have into something real and permanent.

The stories. People open up to me all the time. They tell me why they are here and what their particular tattoo means to them. They come in with a story in their head, and walk out a different person almost.

The artists need me. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and someone needs to keep the tribe together. 

The customers. We pride ourselves in making our tattoo shop a safe place, where nobody judges you based upon your appearance or how well you fit into mainstream society.

For general enquiries and inside information on which artist would be right for you, send us a message.

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