Tattoo Specialties: Religious Realism, Surrealism, Black and Grey, Custom, Portraits, Freehand Floral

She’s heavily tattooed others, but tends to keep her own skin discrete. This is not out of a lack of want, but from a strong conviction that choosing a tattoo is one of the most meaningful acts one can do and should be considered very carefully. Due diligence, all the way.

For her, placement is important, but the meaning and significance should be held in higher esteem, and so she was drawn to themes about love and religion, and became passionate about helping people make the best decisions about what kind of tattoo to get and where to put it.

Getting her start in design school, and tattooing for 11 years, Bobbi can do virtually anything with a tattoo machine. Currently, she’s pushing herself to do more challenging portrait work, so prospective clients interested in such custom work get priority status on her booking calendar.

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